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Ferris Wheel is one of the most popular amusement park rides in the amusement park and large fairground sites. There are  two kinds of drove mode in the amusement rides factory, mechanical and hydraulic. As a leading ferris wheel rides manufacturer, Beston produces ferris wheel with a wide range of height, 5 meters, 15 meters, 30 meters, 32 meters, 42 meters, 45 meters to 170 meters. All of these ferris wheel rides can be equipped with colorful LED light and air conditioner in the gondolas.

Beston 45 meter ferris wheel rides for sale

45 Meter Ferris Wheel for Sale

Beston produce 45 Meter ferris Wheel,  the 45 meters high non-building structure which consisting upright wheel with lots of gondolas ...
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Amusement park large ferris wheel with 32 meter for sale

32 Meter Ferris Wheel for Sale

As a professional ferris wheel rides manufacturer & supplier, Beston provide Ferris wheel rides with different heights, various from 5-170 ...
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Amusement park ferris wheel with 36 meter for sale

36 Meter Ferris Wheel for Sale

36 meter big ferris wheel is a nonbuilding structure which consisting of a rotating upright wheel with 20 passenger-carrying components ...
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89 Meter Large Ferris Wheel Amusement Rides for Sale

89 Meter Ferris Wheel

As a leading ferris wheel rides manufacturer, Beston could producing different height ferris wheels from 5-170 meter with high quality ...
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Beston big wheel ride with 30 meter

Big Wheel Ride

As a big wheel ride manufacturer, we produce a wide range of large ferris wheel with a height from 30 ...
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ferris wheel with 30 meter for sale

30m Ferris Wheel for Sale

As a leading ferris wheel rides manufacturer, Beston could producing different height ferris wheels with high quality. Here we will ...
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42 meter amusement park ferris wheel

42m Ferris Wheel

Welcome to Buy Beston Amusement Rides "Ferris Wheel - 42 meter" with 24 Closed Gondolas. 42m Ferris Wheel Description All-around services will be ...
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20 Meter Ferris Wheel

Interested in large ferris wheel rides for your amusement park or funfair? Here is our 20 meter ferris wheel for ...
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Amusement park big ferris wheel ride in Beston

Giant Ferris Wheel For Sale

Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale With 30-120 Meters. Welcome to Buy! We are Professional Ferris Wheel Rides Manufacturer! Ferris Wheel ...
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10 Cabins 2 Side Ferris Wheel

Double Face Ferris Wheel for Sale

Popular New Design Kiddie Amusement Ride-Double Face Ferris Wheel for Sale As its name shows us, double Face Ferris wheel ...
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5 cabins Ferris wheel

Mini Ferris Wheel for Sale

Mini Ferris wheel ride is a miniature Ferris wheel whose height is lower than 10 meters. With its novel appearance, ...
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Small Ferris Wheel Ride In Beston

Observation Wheel For Sale

The observation wheel is a kind of small Ferris wheel which is more attractive to kids. Just as its name ...
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The Ferris Wheel is a big wheel of mechanical ride which is created by the amusement ride manufacturer. There are many cabins (we often call it the Gondola) hanging on the edge of the wheel which is provide for passengers. Each of the cabin which is filled with passengers will rising up slowly and then present the passengers a great view of the scenery. We often see ferris wheels in the amusement/ theme parks, carnivals and funfairs, but as we all know, there are many big and popular ferris wheel/observation wheel rides in the world, for example, The London Eye in London, TheTianMaEye, The NanChang Star and so on. As for these famous ferris wheel, they usually take as an observation wheel by people to see the whole landscape around the place. It is a kind of popular amusement ride in the entertainment industry. It belongs to the vertical rotating around an axis. Usually in the night, the attached LED lights will make the ferris wheel more attractive.

  •  Observation Wheel

It is a kind of ferris wheel which is mainly designed for observation. Passengers could have a wide scan of the whole landscape. During the night, the led/balloon ferris wheel will shine and become more attractive and splendid.

According to its varies usage, we also call it the observation. It is a kind of kids and family ride in the amusement park. The cabins which is attached to the ferris wheel just like lots of suspended baskets, passengers in this ride could have a great view of the landscape, because the cabins is transparent but safe enough for riders. Ferris wheel is a vertical amusement equipment and it really takes little space.

The History of Ferris Wheel:

Similar wheels is appeared in England in the 17th century, gradually, people begin to applied this to amusement ride. The first ferris wheel is designed by an American whose name is George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., and it is designed for the Chicago exhibition in 1893 in order to compare with the Eiffel Tower. It weighs 2200 tons which can carry 2160 people at one time. Its height equals to a 26 floor building. Just because of this great achievement, people name this earliest wheel as Ferris Wheel.

Vienna Ferris Wheel was built by people since 19th century, it still works till now. It was built in the year 1897 in a fun fair of Vienna. We also have heard many famous ferris wheels, for example, the London Eye, Nanchang Star and so on.

Classification of Ferris Wheel:

According to the difference of operation mode, we usually divided the ferris wheel into three types, gravity ferris wheel, no spoke ferris wheel and the observation wheel. As for the gravity ferris wheel, the cabin is attached to the wheels and to keep the sliding shaft stable. But the observation wheel’s cabins are all hanging outside the wheel. In order to keep balance, we need to link more complex mechanical structure with the revolving cabins.

  • Traditional Ferris Wheel

These are just the ordinary ferris wheels we have seen in the park.

  •  No Spoke Ferris Wheel

No spoke ferris wheel is a kind of ferris wheel. As we all know, the traditional ferris wheel has a axis in the middle, and the whole equipment move round the axis. But the no spoke is just like a giant beautiful ring, there’s any support in the middle of the ferris wheel. The largest no spoke ferris wheel is located in the Zijing Park in Changzhou, China. It looks like a splendid rainbow in the dark night. The shaftless Ferris wheel can rotate by itself, the rotation part is the ferris wheel cabin.

Classification Of Beston Ferris Wheel Ride:

Kids ferris wheel is a modern and popular rides in amusement park and funfairs. Kids could sit in the modern and novel-shaped, luxuriously decorated ferris wheel and then start their brilliant tour. The kids ferris wheel can rotate 360 degrees with carried the kids. It is more attractive to kids with its beautiful and novel appearance.

Ferris wheel cabins or we can say the seat of the ferris wheel ride is the most high frequency use part. In this case, it will abrade faster than other part. And because of its high cost, park owners will try their best to change the Ferris wheel seats not the Ferris wheel ride itself.

Generally speaking, ferris wheel is a kind of big wheel, observation wheel, the giant ferris wheel for sale from Beston is larger in size and ordinary in appearance. It is a non-building structure which consisting upright wheel with lots of cabins or we can say gondolas and rider’s basket. Beston’s giant ferris wheels are all equipped with high quality and quality certifications.

Details of Ferris Wheel Prices:

There are many different heights of ferris wheel rides. Heights from 4.5 meters to 120 meters can be manufactured in our factory. Also the price is different. They can be range from ten thousands of dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Apart from the height, there are also other factors that influence the prices of ferris wheel. For example, if the height is same, cabins that equipped with air conditioners must be expensive. If you want to add some LED light, it will also influence the prices.

 Three Installation Methods From The Ferris wheel Rides Manufacturers:

The installation method of different kinds of ferris wheel varies. We should install the ride by its construction and the site condition. Nowadays, there are mainly three installation methods exists in this field:

  • Integral Installation

Integral installation means that the installer will assemble the ferris wheel part on the ground and then install the integral equipment by the crane. This kind of method is useful for assembling the steel structure and ensure the assembling, promise the safety of the passengers. But because of its huge structure and support, a huge crane should be prepared for the installation.

  • Central Rotation Installation

This kind of installation means when the installation of the support, tower and axle has been done, we will use the tower as the terrace to install other small parts. This method usually applied at the smaller Ferris wheel’s installation.

  • Vertical Face Rotation Installation

It means that when you finish the installation process, we will use a temporary steel wheel to install the other parts. This kind of installation will be divided into two parts, one is install from one single face, and the other one is install the Ferris wheel from the two face at one time. This mainly applied in flexibility Ferris wheels for example the ferris wheel in Cihaiqiao, Tianjin, China. The advantage of this method is we can avoid working high above the ground and lower the risk. But performance of the axle should be quality enough to promise the braking and traction control system.

Principle of Large Carnival Ferris Wheel Rotation:

Working principle of the Ferris wheel is to reduce the gear speed by the motor and turn low torque into a high torque, and send the central structure to the platform, and then rotate in a low speed to promise the safety.

Amusement Park Ferris Wheel Manufacturers – Beston Ferris wheels:

The ferris wheels built by Beston satisfy the customers from all over the world with reliable quality, cheap prices and beautiful appearances. Beston Amusement, is one of the largest amusement park rides manufacturer in China. We supply ferris wheel rides with different heights in our factory. We had exported many sets of small and large ferris wheel amusement rides to different countries, Iraq, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and many other places. The size and height and cabin of our ferris wheel rides can be customized according to your requirement.

Features of Beston Ferris wheel For Sale:

  1. If necessary, the carnival ferris wheel will equipped with lighting system which will present passengers a beautiful sight at night.
  2. Cabins numbers, heights and color of the Ferris ride can be customize.
  3. Strong steel will promise a quality ride but cheap prices for our customer.
  4. Great after-sale staff team ensure the easy installation, safe operation and easy maintenance.

Application of Big Ferris Wheel Ride:

We can usually see a medium Ferris wheel in the amusement parks, carnivals, funfairs state fairs and other big events. These park owners usually use it for observation wheels, people who want to take a ride on it, should charge some money, on one side, buy a Ferris wheel makes profits for the owners, on the other side, Ferris wheel price varies, if you need one for your business, just take the cost and size of the site into consideration, and choose one suitable for your business.