65 meter ferris wheel ride renderings

65m Ferris Wheel Operation Feedback from Kazakhstan

In December, we successfully installed a 65-meter Ferris wheel that we exported to Kazakhstan, which was quickly put into operation. The Ferris wheel was installed in a park located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Currently, the Ferris wheel has been in operation for a long time, and the equipment is in good condition with positive feedback. It has attracted many visitors to the amusement park. Below are the operational photos of the Ferris wheel sent by our customer.

65m ferris wheel feedback from Kazakhstan
65m ferris wheel ride in Kazakhstan

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The installation feedback of 65 meter ferris wheel from Kazakhstan
65 meter ferris wheel from Kazakhstan

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About the Ferris Wheel Ride to Kazakhstan

When we first contacted the client, they only wanted to install a Ferris wheel in the park, but were unsure of the appropriate size. Our sales manager and design team provided the client with multiple options, including 30-meter, 42-meter, 50-meter, and 65-meter Ferris wheels. The following is the park rendering we provided for the client. The client was particularly satisfied with the placement of the Ferris wheel and ultimately decided on the 65-meter option.

65 meter ferris wheel ride renderings
65 m Ferris Wheel ride Rendering

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65m ferris wheel renderings by Beston Rides
Rendering for 65m Ferris Wheel In Kazakhstan

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Production and Delivery of the Ferris Wheel to Astana

After signing the production contract with the client and receiving the deposit, we will commence the production of the equipment according to the agreed time in the contract. The cabins and overall support structure of the 65-meter Ferris wheel are produced in different workshops. During the production process, Beston Amusement strictly control the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the Ferris wheel. After the equipment is completed, we will pack it according to standards to avoid wear and tear during transportation.

Gondolas for 65meter ferris wheel in Beston Rides
Gondolas for 65M Ferris Wheel
Packing of 65 meter ferris wheel ride gondolas
Packing of Gondolas
65m ferris wheel ride packing to Kazakhstan
Loading of 65 Meters Ferris Wheel Ride

Other Ferris Wheel With Different Height from Beston Amusement

In addition to the 65-meter Ferris wheel ride, we also offer Ferris wheels of different heights such as 20 meters, 30 meters, 42 meters, and 89 meters for our clients. Furthermore, our Ferris wheel equipment can be customized, including colors of the gondolas, lighting, decorations, and other configurations. We will provide our clients with renderings of the Ferris wheel’s appearance and modify them according to their requirements until they are satisfied.

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