Beston Mini Ferris Wheel Installed At Nigeria

Months ago, we received the inquiry from our Nigeria customer, they want to build a new park in Nigeria. Here is the details about mini ferris wheels, self-control plane rides, green slide worm roller coaster’s installation. If you want to get more information about our kids ferris wheel, welcome to contact us for price now!

Mini Ferris Wheel Installed At Nigeria

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Mini Double Face Ferris Wheel

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This is a double face mini ferris wheel for kids to play. There equipped with 5 cabins each side which means 10 cabins for the total kiddie ferris wheel. Each of the cabin could carry two kids at the same time. Color of the cabin can be customized according to your requrement.

The cabin of this mini ferris wheel is beautiful in appearance, comfortable to ride, and very artistic. It is a super large amusement equipment that integrates passengers’ amusement, viewing and environment lighting. Passengers sit in the gondola and gradually rise as the big wheel rotates. They can see through the windows, and the field of vision gradually opens up. They can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city, the scenery of the earth, the beautiful mountains and the beautiful and fertile fields. Colorful lights can be installed on the big wheel to shine. When the night falls, the Ferris wheel will be more dazzling, adding to the majesty of this poetic behemoth, feasting the eyes and refreshing.

Self-control Plane Rides for Nigeria

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Green Worm Roller Coaster for Nigeria

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Mini Ferris Wheel Selection

The double-sided Ferris wheel is available in 5 cabins and 6 cabins. The height of the column can be set by the amusement equipment orderer, and the boom related to the area of the amusement equipment can also be from 0.78m to 2.1m. produce. As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer, Beston also offer large ferris wheel rides. Send us your inquiry now!


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