Beston 50M Ferris Wheel Installed At Mexico

We received the ferris wheel ride inquiry from our Mexico customer. Finally, they decide to buy a ferris wheel with 50 meters to install at Mexico. Here is the feedback videos and pictures of the 50 meter ferris wheel rides.

50 Meter Ferris Wheel Installed at Mexico

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Beston 50 Meter Ferris Wheel for Mexico

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How to Choose a New Ferris Wheel for Your Place?

The Ferris wheel is an iconic sightseeing project. Basically, every city will have a Ferris wheel. It can be a landmark of a city, a symbol of a scenic spot, or a star of a commercial complex, so it is a professional manufacturer of Ferris wheels. At the manufacturing plant, we receive multiple inquiries from customers who consult the Ferris wheel every day.

Many customers are relatively blind in investing in the Ferris wheel. One question is how much is the 88-meter Ferris wheel and the 108-meter Ferris wheel, but once they understand the price of the real Ferris wheel, they say they are too expensive and cannot afford to invest. This is mainly There is less awareness of the cost caused by the customer’s many Ferris wheels. In addition to the high purchase cost, an important factor that is ignored, namely the revenue of the Ferris wheel, even if a large-size Ferris wheel is purchased in the early stage, if The popularity of the venue you put on is not well estimated, and the operation and marketing are not done well, which leads to the poor business effect of the Ferris wheel.

According to our many years of experience, it is generally recommended that the size of the Ferris wheel be controlled within 50 meters, whether it is a tourist attraction or a theme park in the second-tier cities, and the revenue effect is the most ideal. Unless it is a specified project, it must be a beautiful image. If you don’t consider regular revenue, you can consider a larger Ferris wheel.


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