50 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides from Beston

Beston 50m Ferris Wheel for Sale

Beston 50m ferris wheel for sale is a large ferris wheel equipment with whole height of 50.4 meters and diameter of the wheel is 48 meter. There will be attached with 36 gondolas for each set of Beston 50 m ferris wheel rides. Welcome to buy large 50 meter ferris wheel and know more information about this ride. Customers can customized 50m ferris wheel from Beston Factory, we are one of the largest 50m ferris wheel manufacturers.

50 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides from Beston
50m Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Technical Parameters of Beston 50m Ferris Wheel 

Whole Height of 50m Ferris Wheel 50.4 meter
Diameter of the Wheel 48 meter
Cabin Nos 36 Gondolas
Capacity 4*36=144
Volume of Tourists 746person/h
Speed 14m/min
Drive mode: 4 sets of mechanical friction wheel drive
Drive power 22kw
Lighting power 8kw
Running time for one circle 10.8 minutes

Beston 50m ferris wheel rides has been exported to Mexico last year. We received the inquiry of the ferris wheel from our website. Our sales manager reply to the customer and they discuss the details through email. Several weeks later, our customer from Mexico comes to our factory. After several days study, he make his order from our factory. After received the deposit, we start manufacturing the designing the ferris wheel. Now the 50m ferris wheel has been installed in Mexico. We had got many feedback from Mexico.

50 M Ferris Wheel In the City
50 M Ferris Wheel
50 M Ferris Wheel In the Park
50 M Ferris Wheel

The Beston 50m Ferris wheel for sale is mainly composed of a large wheel which placed on the two pillar support. Seeing from afar, this large ferris wheel looks like a huge colorful wheel, there hanging a few gondolas at the rim of the wheel. Each of the cabin could accommodate with 2-6 passengers.  With the continuous slowly rotation, passengers could goes up and down. This is one of the most safest ride among most of the amusement park rides. When it reaches the highest point of the departure from the ground, passengers will enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery, landscape.  A 50m ferris wheel is suitable for the amusement park, funfair and even hills. Welcome to contact us for the 50 meter ferris wheel rides. We also customized ferris wheel rides with different heights.

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