Beston 20 Meter Ferris Wheel

20 Meter Ferris Wheel

Interested in large ferris wheel rides for your amusement park or funfair? Here post two types of 20 meter Ferris wheel for sale for you! We also produce ferris wheel with 30m, 42m, 50m, 89m and 120m. If you need, just contact us via We will contact you in 2 hours.

Beston 20 Meter Ferris Wheel
20 Meter Ferris Wheel
Height 20 meter
Seat 48 seats
Gondola 12
Power 6kw
Motor 4
Diameter 17.98m
Cover Area 17*14m

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Two types of 20 Meters Ferris Wheel Gondola:




20 Meter Ferris Wheel from Beston Amusement

About Beston, as a reliable amusement rides manufacturer, we had involved in this industry for more than 20 years. We have exported many sets of ferris wheel with different heights. For example, 6m ferris wheel to Palestine, 15m ferris wheel to Nigeria, and we had also exported a 50 meter ferris wheel to Mexico in October.

  • Free technical foundation drawing.
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  • Installation guidance to your place, but not free.

Beston- large ferris wheel rides manufacturer in China, If you are interested in buying new design 20 meter ferris wheel and other different height ferris wheel rides for your amusement park, city, theme parks and etc. Welcome to Beston Group for price quotation now.


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