Kids Mini Ferris Wheel With 6 Cabin

6 Gondolas Mini Ferris Wheel for Sale

6 gondolas mini ferris wheel for sale from Beston Amusement, also called the mother-and-child observation wheel and  the children’s observation wheel. This amusement equipment is actually the same shape as a large Ferris wheel, but the size has been adjusted to become a miniature. In this way, children can sit on it with their dreams in mind. Children may also want to show their “manly” spirit in this regard. We need to give children this kind of display platform, which will be of great help to children’s self-esteem in the future. So this ride is a new type of amusement equipment that is very suitable for children to play. Want to buy a new ferris wheel with 6 gondolas? Contact Beston for More!

Kids Mini Ferris Wheel With 6 Cabin
BNFW-6A Kids Mini Ferris Wheel With 6 Cabin

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6 Gondolas Mini Ferris Wheel
BNFW-6B 6 Gondolas Mini Ferris Wheel

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This kind of observation car occupies a small area, has a novel design, a unique structure and a beautiful appearance. Loved by tourists. At present, this kind of ferris wheel can be seen in the parks and amusement parks of various large and medium cities, and even some small cities. It is an ideal choice for tourists and the best choice for investors.

Product Name 6 Gondolas Mini Ferris Wheel
Cover Area 7.4m*5.9m
Running Speed 0.2m/s
Power 5KW
Voltage 380V
Seat 6 Gondolas With 12 Seats


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