42 meter amusement park ferris wheel

42m Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale

The 42-meter ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical amusement device. Hanging on the edge of the wheel is a ferris wheel cockpit (Gondolas) for passengers. Passengers sit on the Ferris wheel and turn up slowly, they can overlook the surroundings from a height.

One of the most popular and hot-sale ferris wheel ride – 42 meter ferris wheel from Beston Amusement. It is a proper height for many amusement parks and squares.

Welcome to Buy “Ferris Wheel – 42 meter” with 24 Closed Gondolas from Beston Amusement Rides Group. Contact our team for more information now!

42 meter amusement park ferris wheel

42m Ferris Wheel Description

  • All-around services will be provide.
  • Color of the seats and lights are optional
  • 42 meter ferris wheel with 24 closed gondola
  • The area you will placing the wheel should have a solid surface
  • Trees, and other objects should be removed from the area.
  • Delivery date of 42 m ferris wheel is 50-60 working days.

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Total height:42m
Rotation diameter: 38.4m
Rated power: 25KW
Area: 28*31m
Number of cabin: 24
Capacity of cabin: 4
Total:96 persons
Rated Voltage: 380v/220v

Except the 42 meter ferris wheel, you can also contact us for other different height ferris wheel rides. Ferris wheels are usually set in large playgrounds, and of course, the park is also her best place to stay. As a kind of playground mobile game, it is called “Three Treasures of Paradise” together with roller coaster and carousel. But the Ferris wheel often exists alone on other occasions, and is usually used as an active viewing platform. In some areas, the Ferris Wheel is also regarded as a landmark. The 42-meter Ferris Wheel is a classic type of amusement equipment.


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