89 Meter Large Ferris Wheel Amusement Rides for Sale

89 Meter Ferris Wheel

As a leading ferris wheel rides manufacturer, Beston could producing different height ferris wheels from 5-170 meter with high quality. Here we will show you the 89 meter ferris wheel amusement rides. We have a professional designing team and an engineer team to provide our customer amusement park planning, designing, equipment selection, project construction and installation. Welcome to choose our 89 meter ferris wheel for your amusement park. Here is the Specification:

89 Meter Large Ferris Wheel Amusement Rides for Sale
BNFW-89A 89 Meter Ferris Wheel

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Model BNFW-89A
Height 89 Meter
Wheel Diameter 83 Meter
Seat(Number of Passengers) 294
Gondolas 49
Capacity of Cabin 6
Power Consumption 37 KW
Lights Available/Customizable
Running Period 15 Min/Circle
Drive Mode Hydraulic

Characters of Beston 89 Meter Ferris  Wheel

  • For an 89 Meter ferris wheel, the distance is 89 between gondolas and the ground with a wheel diameter of 83 meter.
  • There are 49 gondolas suspended to the rim of wheel, each gondolas could accommodate 6 people and the capacity is 294 passengers in one time.
  • The rated length of the gondolas is 17 meter/min and when it rotate in a circle, 15 minute passed.
  • 10 seat of hydraulic drive device, power of the pump motor is 37 kW, air-cooled motor power is 2.2kw. The 89 meter ferris wheel will rotate clockwise.
  • The area you will placing the wheel should have a solid surface, trees, and other objects should be removed from the area.
  • Delivery date of 42 m ferris wheel is 50-60 working days.

Looking for new ferris wheel rides for your business, amusement park, funfair and other places? Welcome to get more information about the 89 meter ferris wheel rides from Beston Amusement.


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