Beston Ferris Wheel Ride With 120 Meter

120 Meter Trussed Ferris Wheel

The 120-meter trussed Ferris wheel is designed and manufactured by Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. according to national standards. The equipment consists of column support, runner, cabin, drive, platform and electrical. The 120 meter Ferris wheel is a combination of spokes and trusses, and the structure is light in appearance. Each cockpit is equipped with individual air conditioning and comfortable seating, allowing visitors to enjoy more comfort while enjoying more views.

Beston Ferris Wheel Ride With 120 Meter
BNFW-120A Beston Ferris Wheel Ride With 120 Meter
Technical Parameters 120 Meter Ferris Wheel
Totals Height : 120 Structure: Truss
Drive Mode: Mechanical Rotation Diameter: 107 Meter
Running Time: 20rmp Number of Cabin: 68
Capacity of Cabin: 6 Capacity of the Wheel: 408
Power :37kw Area: 60*60 Square Meters

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The support structure is a truss type support structure, the support of 8 columns and the stable truss structure ensure the stability of the smart running Ferris wheel. The drive system adopts advanced hydraulic drive friction wheel transmission. This drive system has the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, low operating cost, safe equipment and high reliability. The equipment runs smoothly, has low noise, is comfortable to ride, beautiful in appearance and reliable in operation.


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