Beston big wheel ride with 30 meter

Big Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale

Buy new big wheel ride for sale from Beston Company for your amusement park business now! As a big ferris wheel ride manufacturer, we produce a wide range of large ferris wheel with a height from 30 to 120 meters. Our ferris wheel ride are installed all over the world for more than 30 places. Several weeks ago, we have just exported a set of ferris wheel with 50 meter to Mexico. Welcome to buy big ferris wheel ride from Beston Now!

Beston big wheel ride with 30 meter
30 Meter Ferris Wheel


Model: BNFW-30A
Height: 30m
Cabins: 18
Capacity: 18*4
Area: 32 m × 30m
Power: 11KW

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Big 42 Meter Ferris Wheel Ride
42 M Ferris Wheel


Height: 42 meter
Seat(Number of Passengers):96 seats
Gondola: 24
Power Consumption: 16kw
Supply Motor: 4
Wheel Diameter: 38.4m
Cover Area: 28*31m

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Amusement Observation Big Wheel
BNFW-144A Giant Observation Wheel Ride


Model: BNFW-144A
Height: 52m
Cabins: 36
Capacity: 36*4
Area: 27*32 m²
Power: 23KW

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60 cabins ferris wheel for sale
BNFW-60A Ferris Wheel Vintage Ride From Beston


Model: BNFW-60A
Height: 108m
Cabins: 60
Capacity: 60*6
Time: 20 Min

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Amusement Park Giant Ferris Wheel
GLC-04 Giant Ferris Wheel Amusement Ride For Sale


Model: GLC-04
Height: 42m
Cabins: 24
Capacity: 24*4
Area: 28*31 m²
Power: 20KW

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120 m Traditional Ferris Wheel
BNFW-60B Traditional Ferris Observation Wheel Ride


Model: BNFW-60B
Height: 120m
Cabins: 60
Capacity: 60*6
Area: 45*51.5 m²
Power: 55KW

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20 Meter Ferris Wheel Manufacturer - Beston
20 Meter Ferris Wheel


Model: BNFW-18C
Height: 20m
Power: 6 KW
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.: 18
Capacity: 72 persons

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What is Big Wheel Ride in Beston?

In our factory, we call the ferris wheel which is higher than 15 meter, big wheel ride, observation wheel, giant or huge wheel ride. It is one of the most popular amusement rides in most of large amusement parks, funfairs. Big ferris wheel rides are a non-building structure which consisting of a rotating upright wheel with lots of gondolas that could carry lots of passengers at one time. Usually, these gondolas of big wheel ride is attached to the rim during the wheels running in a circle, they always keep upright by gravity. The big wheel ride will be vertical to the ground to keep the whole equipment balance.

Height of Big Ferris wheel Rides for Sale from Beston

As a professional ferris wheel ride manufacturer, we are aiming at producing different ferris wheel rides for our customer. Till now, we mainly produce big wheel ride with a height of 15 to 120 meters. We have many types of gondolas for you choose. The capacity is 4 or 6. Smaller ferris wheel will be equipped with a 4 person gondola while a larger ferris wheel will be equipped with a 6 person cabin. But we can also customize a new version wheel ride for your projects. We have just finished an order with 50 meter ferris wheel to several weeks ago.

Raw Materials of Beston Big Wheel Ride

Main components of the big wheel rides for sale from Beston are made of FRP (we call them Fiber Reinforce Plastic) and stainless steel. All of these materials are purchased from professional stainless steel manufacturer. Big wheel ride requires higher technical content

Application of Big Wheel Ride

Big wheel ride is a landscape attraction, become of its huge volume, it is widely used in the large amusement parks, carnivals, funfairs, squares and other outdoor places.

How to choose a reliable big wheel ride manufacturer?

Beston Amusement, as a reliable amusement park rides manufacturer, had made many sets of ferris wheel ride since it has been established. Big wheel ride from Beston is a very reliable investment which representing a very good business in relation to the potential income with carry many people at the same time. Our big wheel ride for sale are designed and calculated to feet into specific. We are aiming at manufacturing the best wheel ride for our customer. We have our plant and many workshops, professional engineers and experienced workers.


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