65 Meter Ferris Wheel For Sale In Beston

65 Meter Ferris Wheel for Sale

Medium size 65 meter Ferris wheel for sale you can buy from Beston Group – large scale Ferris wheel rides manufacturer in the amusement rides industry. There will be attached with 36 gondolas for each set of Beston 65 meter Ferris wheel rides. Welcome to buy 65 meters Ferris wheels and know more information about this ride. Customers can customize 65m Ferris wheel from Beston Amusement Factory, we are one of the largest 65-meter Ferris wheel manufacturers.

65 Meter Ferris Wheel For Sale In Beston
BNFW-65A 65 Meter Ferris Wheel

Technical Parameter:

Area: 38*32m
Height: 65m
Rotation diameter: 59.85m
Structure: Truss
Running time: 12rpm
Drive Power: 26.4kW
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.: 36
Capacity: 216 persons

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Features of Beston 65 Meters Ferris Wheel

  • The 65m Ferris wheel will be equipped with lighting and sound systems, bringing passengers a beautiful sight at night.
  • Equipped with air conditioning system to provide passengers with maximum comfort.
  • The number, height and color of the gondolas of the Ferris wheel rides can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Ferris wheel amusement rides use high-quality, strong steel materials.
  • Aluminum alloy gondola, surface coated with high-grade paint, colorful and beautiful, and strong anti-corrosion performance. Passengers on the cable car will appreciate the scenery clearly.
  • The hydraulic power drive makes the journey of the Ferris wheel smooth and pleasant.
  • Except for the 65 meter ferris wheel, we also have 20 meters, 30 meters, 42 meters, 46 meters, 50 meters and 88 meters Ferris wheel rides for sale in our factory.

65 Meter Ferris Wheel is not very high. It belongs to the medium sizes ferris wheel rides. 30 Meters to 65 Meters Ferris Wheel rides are popular used in the amusement parks for tourists to play. When you need to buy new ferris wheel rides with 65 meters high for a new amusement park. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement Group, our sales team will reply you as soon as possible.


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