Question and Answer for Beston Ferris Wheel

Q1 Who is liable for the insurance costs of the goods whilst in transit, at the construction site and during assembling o construction.

  • For Insurance,we just have the insurance from our port to Durban port,It’s insure in the period of the shipping,If you need, we make the price as CIF,last time the price I quote is factory cost only.

Q2  Are there any plans for the transfer of skills by your engineers during the installation or construction?

  • We could make a schedule arrangement for the ferris wheel installation,also include the training in your local,need 100 days for installation.

Q3 What is the life span of the different parts of the ferris wheel(cost of supply, shipment and installation

  • For the life span of main parts is 15 years, attached is the ferris wheel mainly introduction
No. Type Name Quantity Material Category using time
1 GHL07.00 Ferris wheel 1 15
2 GHL07.04 Column component 2 20 15
3 GHL07.04.06 Main shaft installation platform 2 Q235B Important Weldments 15
4 GHL07.05 Cable component 960 Q235B Important Weldments 15
5 GHL07.08 Lightning arrester 1 20 Important Weldments 15
6 GHL07.10.02 Turntable bearing assembly 2 Q235B Important Weldments 15
7 GHL07.11 Outer revolving arm 32 Q235B Important Weldments 15
8 GHL07.12 Inner revolving arm 32 Q235B Important Weldments 15
9 GHL07.02.06-02 Axle tube 32 20 Important pin shaft 15
10 GHL07.02.02-06 Pod shaft 32 45 Important pin shaft 15
11 GHL07.03-02 Pin shaft 12 45 Important pin shaft 15
12 GHL07.03-04 Drive shaft 12 40 Cr Important pin shaft 15
13 GHL07.10-03 principal axis 1 45 Important pin shaft 15

Q4. Which part of the ferris wheel are subject to wear and tear (cost of supply, shipment and installation)

  • Ferris wheel above 65M, don’t have the easy wear spare parts, just do the year test is ok.

Q5 Who is the supplier of the part?

  • For the main part, all use the famous brand in domestic, please see the below.

Q6. What are the projected costs of maintenance on the parts calculated on 6 or 12 months period?

A.we will arrange engineer for year inspection, or in the installation part, .just have the air tickets fee is ok.
B. Otherwise, we will teach your engineer doing the year test with several skills, no need extra charges.

Q7. Who bears the costs for the Geotech assessment?

About the GEOTECH assessment, you mean Geological exploration?
We will need a report for the Geological situation, and make a foundation map accordingly.

Q8. What are the general risks associated with the erection and operating a Ferris wheel(ground, whether etc)

A. Resistance to earthquakes?(specifications and level)

8-12 magnitude earthquake

B.  Design for wind speeds? (up to what wind speed? Send details)

The wind speed design is based on 15 m/sec wind speed design. Under the non-working condition, the wind pressure is calculated to be 900N/ square meters based on the 50 year old gale of the Chinese coastal area, which is equivalent to the 12 level hurricane.

C. Fire-resistant materials? (fire in cabin in Bangkok)

Yes, the material we use is anti-fire. Aluminum magnesium alloy and Acrylic plate.

D. Safety and evacuation

There are emergency plans in operation and maintenance instructions, which are divided into power failure, electrical failure, sudden fire, thunderstorm, mechanical jamming and passengers’ injury.

Two systems to control the ferris wheel, The equipment have Positive rotation, reversal and sudden stop in control system.
If the equipment have emergency situation, could use the below way: Could use Positive rotation, reversal and sudden stop to have a rescue.


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