Amusement park ferris wheel with 36 meter for sale

36 Meter Ferris Wheel for Sale

36 meter big ferris wheel is a nonbuilding structure which consisting of a rotating upright wheel with 20 passenger-carrying components (commonly referred to as passengers gondolas) which attached to the rim of the wheel when the big wheel turns. These 20 gondolas will keep upright by gravity.

Amusement park ferris wheel with 36 meter for sale
BNFW-36A 36 Meter Ferris Wheel
Technical Parameters 36 Meter Ferris Wheel
Totals Height : 36M Structure: Truss
Drive Mode: Mechanical Rotation Diameter:33 Meter
Running Time: 7rmp Number of Cabin: 20
Capacity of Cabin: 4 Capacity of the Wheel: 80
Power :11kw Area: 16*18.6 Square Meters

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Characters of Beston 36 Meter Ferris Wheel

  • We use seamless steel pipe on the main materials of the main structure. They are high strength and have the better appearance than the spiral welded pipe.
  • Gondolas are all produced by the professional manufacturers, the skeleton of high strength aluminum alloy profiles, use the special mold with high precision forming.
  • We use aluminum alloy sheet, the surface coating of high-grade paint, colorful and beautiful, and strong anti-corrosion performance. We use import acrylic sheet for the window with good light and strong anti-aging characters. Passengers in the gondolas will enjoy the scenery clearly.
  • Equipped with air conditioner and audio equipment. Overall design of the gondolas are science, selection of the material is sophisticated, appearance is handsome, and workmanship is fine. Our ferris wheel seats are comfortable to ride to passengers.
  • We provide installation service, we will send our experienced engines to your country. Additionally, free installation video and detailed pictures will be sent to you.
  • Other big ferris wheel rides with 30 meter, 50 meter, 89 meter & 120 meter are posted in the home page.

Steps for Buying 36 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides from Beston Amusement

  • Determine if the equipment and project type meets their investment needs.
  • Determine the appropriate project site and provide detailed CAD drawings or floor plan papers to the company.
  • The company makes equipment configuration and layout scheme according to customer needs, that is, renderings.
  • The two parties fully communicate and determine the plan, calculate and determine the price of the equipment.
  • Draft and sign the contract.
  • The interior and exterior decoration and decoration of the site are entrusted to the local decoration company.
  • The customer contacts the freight vehicle or the company handles the freight, and the freight is paid by the customer to the driver or the freight company after the goods arrive the company technicians come to install equipment.
  • Equipment commissioning, acceptance (both on-site acceptance, signature confirmation), delivery.

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