How Does a Ferris Wheel Work?

Even if you are operating an amusement park which has a lots of attractions which including ferris wheel rides, but do you know how does a ferris wheel work? Here Beston will show you more about this:

First of all, you need to know that ferris wheel rides are large, non-building structures which rotate around a central axis. Ferris wheel seats (also refers to ferris wheel gondolas) are attached to the outer rim the ferris wheel rides and they are most of the ferris wheel seats are hanged downwards. This is because when ferris wheel rotate, the ferris wheel seats will freely rotate the support where they are connected to the ferris wheel rides. Ferris wheel will spins upwards with the help of gears and motors, at the same time, gravity will pulls the ferris wheel back down again. Then, this cycle continues for the duration of the ride. This is how does a ferris wheel work.

Usually when you at the tops of ferris wheel, you will feel lighter while when you at the bottom of a ferris wheel, you will feel heavier. This is caused by centripetal acceleration.


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